The Story of Us

We are the Andersen's. My name is Molly and  I was born and raised on our family dairy farm in Carson City, Michigan just a mile north of where A Little Patch of Heaven sits. God planted deep roots in my soul, and I’m lucky enough to still call the family farm home. I bought my first herd while in college and continue to expand our dairy farm alongside my husband, Brandon. Brandon and I got married in 2017 in the middle of building this venue. I've always been a dream chaser and to have Brandon by my side now, chasing dreams together is a dream come true in itself!

When I graduated from Carson City Crystal in 2008, I went off to Central Michigan University to learn business  management and while there, I learned of the Event Management degree and was sold. While attending CMU, I was able to volunteer at many film festivals, the Country Music Awards Show, the Country Music Festival in Nashville, Tennessee, and did a wedding planning internship in Ohio. I had an amazing time and learned a great deal from my experiences. I graduated in 2012 with my major in Entrepreneurship and minor in Event Management. Fire Up Chips! All of my experiences and adventures have led me to where I am. 

 No matter where I went, the cows always called me home. I’m lucky to love what I do! Since I was little I always wanted to build a community barn to run alongside our farm, something to help bring our community together. I’ve always loved volunteering and planning events, especially for charities and so I look forward to hosting future community events at A Little Patch of Heaven.

Being able to build A Little Patch of Heaven from the ground up has been one of the greatest adventures and learning experiences my husband and I have ever been through. It definitely didn’t go as planned but that’s life, and God's timeline is always better than our owns!